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Holy Cow…I Won!

Baby Beau

Beau on display

I like to win free stuff as much as the next gal, and like it even better when it’s one-of-a-kind and/or hand-made.  My problem is, I never win anything.  Of course I guess my odds of winning could go up if I put more hours into it…but I do have more to do than sit at my laptop entering contests all day.  That said, if the opportunity presents itself, I will partake (if it doesn’t require too much effort or my life savings to enter).  But in all my years of filling out my many entries, I don’t believe I’ve ever won anything…EVER.  Until last week, that is.

I’ve been enjoying this great blog I stumbled upon by accident, My Old Country House, written by a fantabulous gal named Lesli DeVito.  It’s a real “slice-of-life” and I really like her life.  She writes about things girls like me really care about, like decorating, fashion, good bargains found on shopping trips, and the occasional “how to” (with great tips on saving money and still making it look like you spent an obscene amount).  Her home is darling, her taste in sensible-yet-trendy coordinates is fab, and her personality (which I know only online, but still, you can tell) is cute.  But the real talent lies in her artwork.

One of her recent posts mentioned a series of give-aways she was doing…this one was for naming a baby cow she’d recently painted after meeting him on a walk around her property.  The prize was the painting!  How cool, right?  So I immediately thought to myself that I shouldn’t enter because I wouldn’t win, but then stopped myself from that negative thinking and decided why the Heck not?  Maybe the odds are with me this time.  Maybe after knocking on 99 doors and getting a “no” I would get a yes on this one (to use a really annoying sales analogy my old bosses used to endlessly repeat).  I opened the email, saw the painting of the little guy, and immediately thought I heard him say in a tiny cartoonish voice “My name is Vine.  Beau Vine.”  So I entered with that.  And won!  I actually won.  And it wasn’t something lame, which is what I always thought would happen when the odds were with me.

I received a sweet email from Lesli announcing me as the winner, and found my cow painting in the mail a few days later, wrapped in darling paper with a pretty pink “Thank You” card attached.  It was like Christmas!  And my new Beau was even better in person than he had appeared on screen.  So, Lesli, thank YOU for offering up your one-of-a-kind.  I’m in love (with the cow, I mean…not that you aren’t great).

Friends, If you are A) A savvy gal who likes to save a buck while making her homestead as lovely as possible, or B) Someone looking to capture your favorite critter on canvas, or C) Both, then check out My Old Country House, http://www.myoldcountryhouse.com.  I see by her blog that Lesli is currently taking orders for pet portraits.  What a great keepsake it would make – and it’s perfect for gift-giving, too (think the upcoming holidays, people)!  As for me, I’m off to find a place to hang my new piece of original artwork.  🙂

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